What it is Flipps TV app?

Flipps TV app was called iMediaShare before and it is megabox download mobile media discovery with the control technology that was developed under Flipps Media. This is one of the latest technologies that may deliver of the top of the video for the connected TV using the existing hardware and through streaming directly from cloud.

Different uses of Flipps TV app

The apps on the android and iOS can transform the mobile device in the handheld remote control for the TV playback and it allows the multitasking for the user when streaming the additional hardware and set-up. With the Flipps mobile application, the users are able to browse the channel catalogue of the movies and the news, sports and music videos. The app has partnered with the publishers in order to offer the viewers the diverse content and to expand the reach of the publisher to connect to the TV in the entire world. This app was launched in the year 2012 and it is being funded by Teres Capital, LaunchHub and Hasan Aslanoba.

September 09, 2016
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How many games are supported by the game hacker app?


The developers of the application has created it with amazing and sb game hacker apk attractive features or view app. According to them, the application is able to support more than 1000 games you find online. This application is not only compatible with androids or the IOS devices, but it is also compatible with Windows.

On the internet, you will not find any list of the games that is supported by the game hacker app. It is recommended that the player or the user of the game hacker application should try it himself either the app is supporting his desired game or not? It is the simplest way to check the support of the game hacker for any game. According to a survey, more than 1200 games for IOS are supported by the game hacker application.

July 23, 2016
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Viva video app – Create Great Pieces Of Cinematography


The pictures you take and the videos you make using your phone’s inbuilt camera does not create great pieces of artwork that you can viva video share with your friends and family members. Most of these in-built default cameras come with limited features, there is so much creativity that you can manage to apply. If you want to create great pieces of cinematography, you will require very powerful video editing tool.

There are plenty of video editing apps available for the Android market, and new ones keep on hitting the market every day. If there is one video editing app that has remained on top of the list of the best video editors for the past so many years it is Viva Video app.

VivaVideo app is available for free for both the Android and iOS platforms. If you want to create great pieces of cinematography, Viva Video app can help you do so. Download for android now.

July 21, 2016
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Downloading Movie HD app on Android platform


Movie HD app is compatible on Android and iOS devices. It is simple to install and easy to operate. This tool could be downloaded separately on Android and iOS devices like smartphones, tablets, and iPads. Depending on your handset you should opt for its corresponding link. This application though not available on Google Playstore is easy to acquire from alternative sources.

In case you are an owner of an Android cell phone you need to click on Movie HD Apk for downloading this tool. After completion of downloading you are to go to movie hd app file locator and click .apk file. Your permission would be sought for installing this application. Download links below. ‘Agree’ and then press ‘install’ for the process to complete. Once ‘installation’ is complete click on ‘next’ for further progress. With this ‘next’ command, the process of installation of this application on your hand held device gets completed. Now go to movies menu and choose ‘open’ to watch a film.

July 20, 2016
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How Lucky patcher works


Lucky patcher can replace original code and download lucky patcher it can use the modified one or in certain cases, it can remove the original code and to get the required features.  When you use the patch in order to remove the license verification, Lucky patch can remove the code that was written and to ask the user for the license of such app. The app works by custom patching each app manually and its game. Learn more at

Bypassing the license verification may be the same for most cases but it will work on over 50percent. Blocking the ads will always work in perfect manner and this is the feature that will not be depending on the Luck. Hacking in the app may work only while using a non server-sided for the app purchases. The server-sided app purchase, they are being handled by the servers of a game which means you should hack within the game server to be able to get the free app and this is not possible.

July 18, 2016
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What to expect while using the Og Youtube


Og Youtube has the cool features and it is the ability of playing the video ogyoutube in the background and when the screen is already off.

When you are looking to perform some other tasks such as texting your friend, you may use the pop up window option for it. In order to use the OG Youtube Apk homepage, you will need downloading the APK file. There is a direct download link on every bottom of the page and you have to choose the desired version or to download it on the tablet or on the Smartphone.

When you have finished, you may install the APK file through tapping. When you have done the installation, you will be taken to the home screen of the app and you may see the descriptions that are available on the app. You may browse within the infinite playlist of the Youtube and you may enjoy the amazing features of the modded app.

July 16, 2016
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How to use freedom apk

Freedom freedom apk apk is very easy to use. There is no difficulty in using this amazing application. Here, we are telling you the instructions which you can follow and use this great application.

Before starting this application, make sure that you have installed the application correctly. Confirm the side applications and their installations.

After that, open the freedom apk by clicking on its icon. After opening it, you will be notified with a request that if you want to give access. Say yes if you want to proceed with the application. It will use your device memory for future actions. After that make sure that you have accepted all the queries given. At last, you will be able to purchase things you need in your games.

This is very easy to use. It has no difficult criteria. Just download this app and enjoy its wonders.

July 09, 2016
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Basic Features of Cartoon HD

In video streaming cartoon hd apk software category, cartoon HD ranks at the top in terms of features. The software was developed to help the users to watch their favorite movies without any interruption.

In this software, all the movies and TV series are divided into different genres and you can easily find the movies that you want to watch. You also get the option to watch the movies in different video settings. You can download on android.

With the help of this feature, you can experience a lag-free environment even if you have a slow internet connection. The search bar of the software is also very strong and it helps you to find the movies that you are looking for. The software also helps you to watch anime movies and have a huge database filled with it. No other video streaming software has the anime database. Apart from this, you can also watch informational movies in the software as well.

July 09, 2016
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Problems that users might face while using the Cinema box app

Just like all the other cinema box apps the Cinema box application is also an app that can cause problems for your phone. Although, there are more positive reviews about the product, but there might be some problems with the applications. Some of the problems are as under:

* The app is not working
* The Cinema Box is not working because of no internet connection
* The cinema box subtitling problem
* The jailbreak problem
* The streaming problem
Most of these problems can be solved by one or two steps only. For this, we will recommend you to restart your phone or your application. Sometimes, the internet connection of your phone creates problems. So you should also check that before restarting your phone. Download it now.

July 08, 2016
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Videoder – Download Videos In Multiple Formats

Videoder app is a great video downloader for the Android platform as it offers a lot of handy features. Although there are many features that make this app the best free video downloader for the Android phones and tablets, but the fact that you can download videoder your favorite videos in any format you like is what makes this better than its competitors. Or learn more from here.

It comes with a powerful searching capability which allows you to search for your favorite videos on various video-sharing platforms such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, and so many other video sharing domains. All the results are displays instantly and you can download your desired video in any of the following formats:
* MP4
* 3GP
* HD
If you are in a mode to download just the sound files of your favorite video, you can do so by opting for the MP3 download only.


July 08, 2016
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